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code meets graphics

I love SVG

Eddie Bowen, Wed Oct 19 2016

Soul of a new machine

Using a smarter schema

Eddie Bowen, Fri Oct 14 2016

OK, so we're building our dream web platform. What is the guiding principle that will inform what we're doing?

In two words, external schema.


Soul of a new machine

Eddie Bowen, Thu Oct 13 2016

In which we build a flexible scaffolding system for Node.js and Mongo, with features like an external schema, polymorphic data, and sweet sweet data binding.

Railroad stories

Railroad stories

Eddie Bowen, Wed Oct 12 2016


Read my new short story

Eddie Bowen, Wed Sep 14 2016

Read my short story, The 88!

It's a cracking read with mysterious artifacts, imaginary 1980's TV shows, crackpot alien theories, and lots more.

Excerpt after the break:

Alternate alternate history

What Europe would look like if Britain had won WWII

Eddie Bowen, Thu Sep 08 2016

Experimental social network pitches


Eddie Bowen, Mon Sep 05 2016


Kickstarter idea #27

Eddie Bowen, Fri Sep 02 2016

Unsolicited Redesigns

Trump Redesign project

Eddie Bowen, Tue Jun 07 2016

As seen on TV

Fucked Up Honda Civic

Eddie Bowen, Wed May 11 2016