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Eddie Bowen, Wed Sep 14 2016

Read my short story, The 88!

It's a cracking read with mysterious artifacts, imaginary 1980's TV shows, crackpot alien theories, and lots more.

Excerpt after the break:

Up The Khazi is a British comedy series from the 1980s. It is set in British India during the war. There is never any war fighting though. They just get into silly adventures with each other and with the Indians. My favourite character is Private Askwith, a cockney Londoner who is always randy and always coming up with get-rich schemes that go wrong. I also like the black man, Sergeant Katanga. he is always angry and shouting at the other soldiers.

I started watching Up The Khazi when I ran out of episodes of Oh No Barbarians! There are only three seasons of Up The Khazi; they stopped making it after people said that it was racist.