What a difference three days makes

This is my people-in-space game – think The Sims meets The Expanse. Okay, so we don’t have hulls yet. Or life support. Or needing life support. And a million other things. But we do have basic avatars, navigation, task queuing, and a nice xml-based command language. And hey, we’re still on our first week.

Next up: Introducing ways of killing the poor space people.

Gaming: People In Space

I got bored with writing games, largely because I’ve mostly stopped playing games. But the itch is still there.

Current plaything is People In Space, a space opera-themed Sims-style game. We’ll see if this ever goes anywhere. (I’ve got a bad feeling about this.)

Mōd Advisors: Retail and fashion brand experts

I just finished off a renovation and rebranding of a brand expert, Mōd Advisors.

This was a very rewarding nice super-fun all-round job for a really great client. I got to do some design, some coding, some text tweaks, and some illustration. I added nice SEO urls, SSL, and Google Analytics. I’m also doing hosting and ongoing support.

Quite straightforward, but the sweetness lies in that the bulk of the work was done in three days.

Parsva Bakasana

In yoga more effort comes from resisting the pose than from the pose itself. My current challenge is side crow, Parsva Bakasana.

I can do it, in a broken robot kind of way, but I dump almost all of my weight onto one wrist. Getting there.

Kickstarter: Be Here Now

I’m working on a “Mindfulness Propaganda” project!

It’s just a bunch of stickers that I want to stick all over town. It could be fun! And mindful!

How much do you love your dog?

So today I figured out how to express Dash’s butt glands.

If you aren’t familiar with dog’s bottoms, they have these anal glands that are designed to make their shit smell even worse than it normally would. Think truffle-flavored rotting fish.

These glands sometimes get backed up and the dog starts making the house smell even more than he normally does. The vet charges $25 to express them, so by doing them yourself you feel like you’re winning when you’re actually just kneeling in the shower squeezing your dog’s ass.