OK, here’s a bit about me:

I’m Anglo-american. I lived in London from 1984 to 2000, then New York  City through to 2005. Now I live in Columbus, Ohio with my wife Kathy and our dog, Dash.

Here are some of my greatest hits:

  • Did the artwork for a #1 UK album
  • Did the artwork for about 500 dodgy techno outfits
  • Did illustration work for The Face, Arena, Playboy, Esquire, MacUser, and millions of other magazines
  • Published a bunch of apps for OS X, including CoverStar, ImageHound, and NewsYouCanUse
  • Wrote and directed an indie movie called Device, currently in hiatus.
  • Developed the app (and created the logo) for a startup called CoverMyMeds, now a Fortune 500 company
  • Ran a blog called Photoshop Disasters that regularly made CNN, HuffPo, network TV, and so on. I eventually sold the blog.
  • Created a software development company called Default Company