People In Space update

OK, so we’re getting somewhere. Is it somewhere we want to be? Yes. Maybe.

I’m trying to deliberately get distracted, do all the wrong moves, emphasize the wrong things. I want to really fuck up the whole idea of making a minimal viable product because the only thing that motivates me is the feel of the game.

So progress is a bit slow, but I still like the project, which is a novel feeling a couple of months in.

What a difference three days makes

This is my people-in-space game – think The Sims meets The Expanse.¬†Okay, so we don’t have hulls yet. Or life support. Or needing life support. And a million other things. But we do have basic avatars, navigation, task queuing, and a nice xml-based command language. And hey, we’re still on our first week.

Next up: Introducing ways of killing the poor space people.

Gaming: People In Space

I got bored with writing games, largely because I’ve mostly stopped playing games. But the itch is still there.

Current plaything is People In Space, a space opera-themed Sims-style game. We’ll see if this ever goes anywhere. (I’ve got a bad feeling about this.)